Surgical Procedures require care. We are here to do just that and more.

After experiencing medical tours where I was left in a Hotel room to fend for myself, no meds, no food, just me and the pain, I knew that I can provide other women with an experience that will give them the full recovery they need with tender love and care. - Grace E. Diaz President

At B&G International, we provide services to ensure successful surgical recovery.  We provide luxurious accommodations with 24hr assistance, to provide the support you need for full recovery. We provide escorted pre-surgical screening, we are with you when you go into surgery and we are there when you wake up.  Helping you feel comforted and cared for during the coordination and surgical recovery care is our goal.

Our focus is to get you back to your normal routine quickly, while luxurious accommodations offer the  privacy for a recovery.


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